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JESUS CHRIST, FINALLY!! (MAY 30, 2015): GAH......that took me FOREVER to finally take care of!  That whole cliche about life giving you lemons and whatnot totally got it doesn't give you lemons, it gives you little balls filled with napalm that are shaped and painted to look like lemons, and when you try to make lemonade out of them....well.....

Anyway, site's finally back up.  I'll be finishing the last few cosmetic tweaks throughout the day today, God and Fate willing.....Also, if I miss anything, or if there's some kind of snafu that I missed, please let me know so I can change it.  That goes for anytime, though, that you find anything odd with the website---like that gallery issue a week or so ago, that was fucking cataclysmic and annoying as hell, but finally got resolved thanks to someone telling me about it.  Also also, you guys are awesome!  Thanks for being patient while I figured this stuff out!!

I love you all so, so, so much; I'm eternally grateful for every single last one of you guys, and will always show said gratitude whenever you come to see me ;)  xoxoxo <3, Lorelei