Beautiful. Sensual. Intelligent. Unforgettable.


UPDATE 5/19/2014:  HEY GUYS: My phone is up and working again!!  Yay!!  I'm so happy that the only issue was the fucking battery.....I have had to replace my personal phone five times already this year alone, and I don't want to start that bad habit with my business phone, too.  So, huzzah for all, the old phone number of 520-286-5066 is working again.  While I will still check the 520-912 number, I once again prefer that you contact me at the former number.  

Also, as I mentioned before, my summer vacation has now begun, and my availability is now extremely open every day of the week.  While I did put 24/7 in my earlier update, that is a bit silly of me, and I now ask that I receive calls/texts for appointments from 8:30am--2:30am and will also not respond to calls/texts in the off hours.  Sorry guys, but I need to sleep too ;)  

Thanks for dealing with my phone hiccups, you guys rock!  Love you all!!  xoxoxoxo mwah <3, Lorelei

Well, hello there, and welcome to my website!  My name is Lorelei, and I am an adult companion, here to service your every naughty need!  I provide discreet, safe, clean, and satisfying intimacy for gentlemen who only need to ask me (and get a ticket for the show) to receive.  I'm a 25 year old college student in Tucson, AZ, currently studying creative writing and education.  In my spare time, I'm usually studying, and when I'm not doing that, I'm usually playing around with my pup Charlie, who is the friendliest chihuahua that you'll ever meet (never barks, loves to be pet, adorable, haha), or just writing or reading or playing old retro video games (you read that right.  SNES and NES games.  If you know what I'm talking about we'll get along just fine).  But first and foremost, I spend most of my time outside of school working to entertain and bestow my services to fine men such as yourself.  I work in this industry for a couple of reasons, the biggest being to put myself through college and graduate without any tuition debt!  And so, I truly appreciate any and all generosity shown to me by such kind gentlemen....and I'll show you just how much I appreciate it once we get behind closed doors ;)

I love older men above all others, as I find that I'm able to talk with them a bit easier than guys my own age.  I suppose that's because I'm enthusiastic over a few topics that are often way beyond my generation's usual range of interest....but really it's because I find the level of maturity and outright manliness of older men to be absolutely sexy ;)  Intelligence is a must, as if I can't get myself into an intellectual discussion with a man, I often don't want to get myself into bed with him, ha ha :D  Other than those two requirements (and a third, that he not act like a complete prick), I do not discriminate against age, weight, race, ethnicity, primary language spoken, country of origin/citizenship, political affiliation, religious affiliation, sexual orientation/identity, relationship status, etc.  Whew, that's a lot of stuff to not care about...but I don't!  I'm really down to earth, trust me.  I'm certain that whomever you are, whatever you look like, we'll get along perfectly ;) 

So, if you think that you're my type, why don't do you take a look at what kinds of services I provide by checking out My Menu?  Or take a look at what I look like by going over to my Gallery?  *NEW* Also, if you are interested in finding out when I am available to be seen, go ahead and check out My Blog, where I've posted my availability by day and time so you can know when you can see me...and once you figure out what time and day you'd like to come see me, you can also book an appointment with me by clicking the Contact button above, filling out the little form thing, and clicking send.  The information goes straight to my email, where I can easily reply to you to finalize the appointment.  I really do prefer this method of contact--it saves a hell of a lot of emailing and texting back and forth between us, so please do give it a try.   

So, if you find all of this to be completely copacetic, I'd love to meet you!  Let's hook up, eh? ;) <3 xoxox, Lorelei